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Take part in our surf camps with professional surfers and Oxbow ambassadors

From OCT 27 to NOV 4

Big Wave initiation

Come and share Pierre Rollet’s life as a big-wave surfer for a week. Nazaré in Portugal, Jaws in Hawaii, Maverick’s in California or Belharra in France, Pierre Rollet surfs the biggest waves on the planet. A great teacher and surely one of the most gifted surfers of his generation, Pierrot loves to share his passion and experience of committed surfing. You’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the world of these very specific and exclusive preparations!

What’s more, there’s one surf session a day that’s organized with video feedback from Pierre, immediately after the session. During this surf camp, you will immerse yourself in Pierre’s unusual world…


You’ll learn all the parameters you need to be in the best possible condition when surfing good-sized waves.

You've got it, you're about to be immersed in Pierre Rollet's life!

1 surf session per day with Pierre.
Pool training and a physical preparation session with Pierre and his coach.
A mental preparation session with Pierre and his coach, a visit to Pierre’s shaper’s workshop (Christian Bradley)
A daily video correction session
Video projection
Video projection with Pierre presenting his projects and sharing behind the scenes with you.