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From 2 to september 15

Find your Way've

The Lost In The Swell, excellent surfers who have traveled the world in search of lost waves.

Aurel Jacob, Ronan Gladu and Ewen Le Goff, the three members of the “Lost in the Swell” collective, are part of the very closed circle of the last surf explorers of our modern era. Who better than the Lost to initiate you into the world of virgin spot discovery, but also to give you another vision of surfing, one you’ve never imagined before…

These weekly sessions are designed to help you progress and discover the world of Lost in the Swell. You’ll experience a Fat Bike ride to find the perfect spot, surf sessions, followed by immediate video feedback, every day! They’ll also have lots of tips for your next surf trip!

1 session every day with the Lost, to try and find THE wave. And if conditions allow, you’ll be riding along the coast on a Fat Bike....
Analysis of your surfing with videos!
Discussions on upcoming trips and feedback/anecdotes on previous ones.